The Rip-Tide Army DECLARES WAR On Failure!

Enough excuses!

It's time to get SERIOUS! You need a SOLID PLAN and SOLID SUPPORT to help you EXECUTE that plan. You need help and that is what we are here for. You need money and you need it as fast as possible, i know. Well, here's our plan...

First, let me tell you that we are downline builders. Our job is...

1. To recruit YOU,
and place you under us in our downline.

2. Teach YOU
how to recruit people as well, and place them under you.

3. Collectively recruit as an Army,
and then place them under you and your downline also.

4. Get YOU PAID!!

That's our JOB and we are very good at it! That will be your JOB as well when you finally decide to drop the excuses and join the rest of us that are successful. But right now, let's get into the details of our plan....

The Rip Tide Army has launched an attack
on internet marketing and we are spreading
the word of our Battle Plan.

01/05/2011 01:29

P: Patience, time, and money overcome everything


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